Synonym and stopwords file elasticsearch


I'm looking for 2 files elasticsearch which define synonyms and stopwords in english and french to download ! I don't know if it exists or I should creat it by myself !

I need also to know if that file has a specific structure or I need just to write synonyms separated by ","

Thank you !

Wrt. to synonyms you might find the following docs helpful:

As for stopwords: THe default stopword lists are the ones shipped with Lucene, for more on that see

Hope this helps,

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Thank you ! That helps me a lot :wink: especially stopwords part but I can't find the correct format for a synonym file yet !!! I created a file with words separated by "," but it not seems working !

This site has stopwords list in many different languages that you can use

If you are happy with the default lists from Lucene, I suggest use them.

If you need a specific list due to the domain you are working on, I suggest to use external stopwords list files so you can customize the list.

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Wrt. to synonym formatting - it's discussed in the page linked from what I provided you:

Is that not working for you?

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