Synonym file support for ElasticSearch 5.x in AWS

As we know, Elasticsearch supports synonyms through their synonym token filter, which expects a file of all the synonyms to be present at a particular location on the server filesystem.

Is there a way I can configure this with Amazon ES?

In AWS there's no option to upload synonym file......?

The synonym filter also supports handling the terms inline to the filter
definition. See the second example at

Not sure how AWS-hosted ES works, but there might be a limitation of using
such files.

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But problem with inline approach is that you cannot update synonym list later on. It allows only single time.
Any suggestion?

It does not matter since even with the synonym list, the file is not
re-read for an open index. But in general, it does make handling updates
more difficult. AWS-hosted ES has many limitations.

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Yes you are right...AWS does'nt allow to close or stop an existing open index. Only way is to delete cluster and re create new index, which is not a proper solution.

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