Synonyms file location

We have client, master and data nodes in our cluster.

  • Why does synonyms file need to be in each (client, master or data) node of the cluster?

  • Why should the client node care for synonyms file?

Given a document is sent to a (data) node that has the relevant shard, I'd expect that it only needs to be the data nodes. But don't quote me as that's just an educated guess!

That is exactly what I think it should be. Perhaps it was not thought through...

Is it OK to create a ticket in Github against ES?

Let me see if I can get a definitive response from one of the core team.

It needs to be on both data and master nodes.

ok.. thank you. I will try it by not putting it in client nodes

Verified this today on elastic 2.x. synonyms file needs to be in master and data nodes only. I suppose the same behavior exists on elastic 1.x as well.

Considering that the synonyms file is part of the mapping, it should be
placed on the master nodes as well, since the master nodes coordinate
mapping changes.

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