Synonyms with FSCrawler

Hi I am trying to integrate the synonyms search when i use FSCrawler, i have tried changing the variables in ~/.fscrawler/_default/7/_settings.json but to no avail. Any pointers on how to get it working?

Did you then remove the existing index and restart FSCrawler with the --restart option?

What exact steps you did?

Did you check that the mapping has been applied?

Think I got it running already, although the results aren't pretty... But I'll leave what i edited here for future references.

I have edited the _settings.json at the analysis portion

	  "analysis": {
			"filter": {
				"synonym_filter": {
					"type": "synonym",
					"synonyms": [
	    "analyzer": {
				"synonym_analyzer": {
					"tokenizer": "standard",
					"filter": ["lowercase", "synonym_filter"]

and the mapping portion, dependent on which string you want to do the synonym search

      "content": {
				"type": "text",
				"analyzer": "synonym_analyzer"

Hope this helps the rest trying synonyms search on FSCrawler.

@dadoonet Can I clarify that I have to keep removing the existing index and restart FSCrawler with the --restart option whenever i update my synonym filter?
If I want my system to be as real time as possible, this updating of synonyms will cause my index to not be real time anymore as I will delete my index every time i have to update the synonyms

It's not then a FSCrawler issue but an elasticsearch problem.

There are new options for synonyms since 7.3. Have a look at

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