Syntax to specify a custom directory/name for the config yml file


Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what is the correct syntax to specify a custom location and/or name for the elasticsearch.yml file in 2.2.1 .

In version 1.3.6 the following worked

elasticsearch -Xmx30g -Xms30g -Des.default.path.logs=/ssd/es/${DEVNO}/logs -fD es.config=/etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch_devpt.yml

but this doesn't cut it in 2.2.1 (even taking into account that -Xm[xs]30g needs to be --Xm[xs]=30g - still missing on the website Docs).

Also, the -h is minimal, and there is no man page.

Where can I find proper documentation on the command line options for v 2.2.1 ?

Thank you in advance


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