Synthetics 8.4.0 Release - New Workflow Video Walkthrough

Hey all, it's a little late in coming seeing as 8.4.0 was released almost a month ago, but we wanted to give you a walkthrough of what's new with the Elastic Uptime / Synthetics workflow in 8.4.0. We're trying something new, video walkthroughs, in addition to our standard docs. Synthetics 8.4.0 - Elastic Observability - YouTube .

If you'd like to see how we're moving beyond heartbeat YAML and providing more power GUI and CLI tools for Uptime and Synthetics check out the video. @jkambic and myself walk you through using our new project monitors feature, guide you through using secrets and stored parameters and more.

If you have any thoughts or questions, either leave them here or reply in the Youtube comments. If you find the video useful, please let us know that we should keep on making these :slight_smile:


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