Syslog input decode json

I have a tcp syslog input in filebeat, the incoming data is json. i would want to decode json to top level keys in elastic search. To do this has been quite the challenge for me, and i hope someone is able to help.

as the syslog input does not have an option to decode json, as the log input, i figured i either had to use Logstash or an ingest node in elastic search. I created a new ingest pipeline in elasticsearch. I have used the simulate to test if i put the content of my syslog into the "message" field (also the field targeted for decode". It all works and the response shows it correctly.

but as soon as i choose a pipeline id in my filebeat.yml either in the input or output i get this error from filebeat: ERROR [syslog] syslog/input.go:131 can't parse event as syslog rfc3164

if i remove the pipeline id it works, but just puts all the json in the message field.

this i my filebeat.yml file:

  - type: syslog
      host: ":9000"
    pipeline: "pipeline_name" ${ELASTIC_CLOUD_ID}

Here is the configuration for the pipeline:

"pipeline_name": {
    "description": "json decode",
    "processors": [
        "json": {
          "field": "message",
          "add_to_root": true

It's hard to tell how the pipeline id is breaking it from just the filebeat configuration. Could you share your pipeline configuration too?

Yes ofcourse! I have updated my question

anyone can help with this?

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