Sysmon/Sysmon64 not visible in metricbeats for sysmon version 15

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We are using the system module and metricsets process. I can see all the other CPU/memory metrics except the Sysmon.

Sysmon is completely missing in the output.

Here is my system.yml

- module: system
  period: 10s
    - process
  processes: ["WmiPrvSE.exe" , "metricbeat.exe", "(i?)sysmon.*", "Sysmon.exe" , "Sysmon64.exe*"]


I am seeing the same behavior at the moment, I do not have an answer at this moment...

Of course you can install winlogbbeat to monitor events

Actually, we deployed agents to monitor system metrics and the winlog beat to get the sysmon events.

We want to know how much CPU is consumed by sysmon CPU process , so we can adjust the sysmon config.


I do not have an answer as to why Sysmon does not show up. I do not see it either on my test. I asked internally, we will see if we get an answer.


Here is you answer ... I was about to guess that

Internal Question:

Internal : Hi Metrics / Windows peeps what am I missing can metricbeat -> system > processes not detect sysmon process. I have metricbeat set to collect all processess ... I see them Alll ... but I don't see Sysmon ... it is running... It is a special processs of something that can not be detected?


yes, it's (sysmon) is a protected process now (as of version 15) so it can not be monitored with normal methods. Perhaps osquery might be able to help, using the services table

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This is unfortunately a known issue for some time. Please check and +1 Metricbeat fails to get information for some processes under Windows · Issue #17314 · elastic/beats · GitHub

Seems like very basic monitoring feature to be able to get CPU from important processes such as lsass, but also Sysmon, Defender, Elastic Agent etc.....

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