Monitor per Core w/ Metricbeat

I am needing to monitor processes running per CPU core using Metricbeat. I currently have the the windows.yml module configured with the perfmon metricset, however it is only showing the overall CPU and I'm needing to see the individual cores (processes running per core and memory utilization per core). For example, here is part of my current config:

- module: windows
    - perfmon
  period: 10s
  perfmon.ignore_non_existent_counters: true
  perfmon.group_mesurements_by_instance: true
   - object: "Processor"
     instance: ["*"]
     - name: "% Processor Time"
       field: proc.perc_priv_time
       format: "float"

In the Procmon interface itself, you can indicate the "Instance of selected object" to see the counter for a specific core (e.g., % Processor Time), so I just need to know how to indicate this in the windows.yml file?

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