gauge per


I'm trying to create a gauge for each instance in my variable size stack which displays The data all seems to be in (see below) but I don't seem to be able to get the aggregation right which I suspect is just poor understanding of how to aggregate across different records.


What I'd like is for the number of gauges to expand automatically, but for now being able to see the 2 I have would be a start.

If someone can help me understand this single entity I think I'll be set for the remaining items I need to generate.

I'm sure this is trivial, so any help to get this up and running is vastly appreciated.


Edit: Just to show what I have, I'd expect to see 2 gauges based on the data above:


It's really close, significant terms is a special aggregation that looks for uncommon results. You'll want to use the terms aggregation instead :slight_smile:

Thanks, wasn't displaying under terms. I didn't realise typing it would make it available.

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