System Requirements and Architecture Selection Suggestion

Hey there,

I just tried Elastic Cloud service and looks like it meets my expectations. I want to ask some questions before further steps.

I've got approximately 600GB of data currently, which strictly defined as "keyword" mapping for all of the fields. My data may be grow up to 1.4TB -even may be more in the future- and needed to be actively searchable in all indices. I can't decide some questions on my own. So I need suggestions about;

1- I liked the "Hot-Warm Architecture" with high storage offering. But I think, I need an architecture with no-warm nodes. As I said before, I need to actively search inside all indices with high search speed. Should I choose "I/O Optimized Architecture" instead of this?

2- If I need further storage in the future, can I easily increase the size of nodes or append new nodes without a need of extra configuration? Is Elastic Cloud supports distrubution of data with the old nodes and the new? Like automatic reorganizing?

3- I really don't understood about "Fault Tolerance". Is that means, creating a new data node for replica shard usage only? Or, syncronizes my primary shards on my current data node with another machine in another zone - If your current data machine went down, it automatically serve you from our backup machine in another zone - status?


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