Table showing response and response time

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a visual like below in Kibana? I have 2 fields, status code (200, 400 etc) and elapsed time which captures the response time in ms so I need to group the values into seconds.


Hi @edwardj3,
I've been fiddling around with the different options in Kibana and I'm afraid it's not possible at the moment.
I found the alternative suggested in here: Create a Table visualisation splitting rows by your response.keyword field (terms aggregation) and then Split Table in columns based on your response time field (you can use histogram aggregation with 1s jump). The only caveat is that it shows one small table for each time range.

There is this ongoing issue in the Kibana requesting for this feature: I would encourage you to vote, comment and subscribe to it so you'll be notified when it's implemented.

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Thanks Alejandro. I'll have a go at what you've suggested. I'll also action the issue #5049.

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