Kibana Data Table to group by fields

If I have something super simple like this, a bunch of records with a few fields and a timestamp.
Is there a way to build a Data Table (or some other visualization), grouping by each of the fields?

For example, in the following simple data,
I like to see what are my average for each field, "a","b","c" given a period of time range.
The "bucket" seems to be working for a specific field only as far as I can see.


Formatted JSON Data

Not sure whether this is what you mean, but when you are creating the data table, you can define multiple metrics. Simply add one average aggregation for each of the fields you want to show.

The "bucket" aggregation is splitting the rows into 3hour intervals, but you can also omit that if you just want the metric over the whole time.

If you want another visualization could you show how the desired result would look like for your sample data?

Ok thank you!

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