"Group by" in Line Charts?

I'm new to both Elasticsearch and Kibana, so this might be really simple so solve. I'm trying to summarize some data and display it in a simple Line Chart in Kibana, but having a hard time getting the result i want.

My data looks like this:
{"name": "Q1", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:00:00", "items_in_queue": 2}
{"name": "Q2", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:00:00", "items_in_queue": 3}
{"name": "Q1", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:00:25", "items_in_queue": 2}
{"name": "Q2", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:00:25", "items_in_queue": 4}
{"name": "Q3", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:07:00", "items_in_queue": 1}
{"name": "Q2", "indexing_date": "2019-11-11T09:07:00", "items_in_queue": 3}

I want a Date Histogram (on "indexing_date") as the X-Axis, and a Sum (on "items_in_queue") on the Y-axis. With the example data above, the result would be 3 points with the sum 5, 6 and 4.

It works, but when I change the time period displayed in the chart, the first two points are merged together and displayed as one (with the value 5 + 6 = 11). Is it possible to force Kibana to "group by" a field ("indexing_date" in this case)? All documents included in each sum have the same "indexing_date".

If it makes it easier I have the possibility to change the layout of the documents.

Thanks in advance!

Instead of bucketing by date histogram on indexing_date, you could bucket by term on name field. That way, your groupings would always be by quarter instead of time. Just include the year in the quarter name so you don't have name collisions for the quarters across years

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