Visualize simple Datapoints in a line chart

Hi all,

im totally new to kibana, and I have put some datapoints to elastic looking like this:

{"sensorname" : "light", "date":"1496320039623", "value": "30"}

Now I want to build a simple chart, where the x-axis is the date, and the Y-axis is the normal value. No Count, Min, Max or something like that. I just can't find out how I can make a simple chart with just the values and the time.

Maybe I just don't see my mistake, but I can't select something like "clean-value" in the aggregation. I wan't just a very simple table looking like the one I attached.

Can someone help?
Thank's in advance!

Hi, welcome to Kibana!

The way Kibana works in this case is it divides up the x-axis values (time, in this case) into buckets. Then for each bucket, Kibana can only display aggregated values on the y-axis. Given that, what you are asking for is not exactly possible.

What you could do is choose a y-axis metric like average. Then, if you narrow down your x-axis time to a small enough time range, you might be left with single values in each x-axis time bucket so each value's average will be equal to its raw value.

Thank you, I will try this solution!


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