Line chart data problem

"_index": "c3b9c3185925_d2f4e63c26c7_1",
"_type": "aerator",
"_id": "1542985469",
"_version": 1,
"_score": 1,
"_source": {
"timeStamp": "20:32:06 23-11-18",
"deviceType": 11,
"powerStatus": 0,
"nodeMacId": "d2f4e63c26c7",
"ReasonForPacket": "T",
"indi": "L1",
"gatewayId": "c3b9c3185925",
"epochTime": "1542985326",
"indi_value": 7.19,
"elasticTimeStamp": "20:34:29 23-11-18"

I want timestamp on x axis and indi_value value on y can I do this in line art visualization.

I want all document values to be plotted on graph.And my timestamp type is string and indi_value is number is that okay.

Kibana visualizations don't use individual document values, they always show an aggregation of your data. If you put a date histogram on the x-axis it creates buckets with a set time interval. The value on the y-axis must some how combine all the documents that fall into each bucket. You can do this with various metric aggregations like min, max, avg, sum. The closest you can get to graphing individual values is using the top hit metric which can select an individual document from each bucket, but then you're ignoring all the other values in that bucket.

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