Want to plot the actual values of Response Time into Y-Axis on Line chart

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I have a field named as Response Time coming from my logs and its data type is "number" in mapping.
My problem is when i create a Line Chart of this Response Time with respect to timestamp.

ResponseTime:-Y-Axis with what aggregation i can use to plot the actual values of response time ???

TimeStamp:- X-axis with date histogram.

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Aggregations by their nature will group data, so kibana won't be to plot an exact y for every document. You can decrease the interval so there are very few documents in each bucket. The max metric will give you the maximum value in each bucket, or you can use top hits to get last added value in each bucket, or average them. Can you share a little more about your use case to see if it's something we can work around?

If you do need an exact x and y plotted for every document you'll likely need something that doesn't use aggregations.

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ofcourse i would love to share more details about my question.




this is the way i get a field in my logs for ElapsedSeconds, i am using split filter as its parent fields is in array structure.

so i got the value in a field into kibana for Elapsedseconds.

Now, I want to show a line graph which display the ups and downs of the ElapsedSeconds for each transaction with respect to timestamp.

For doing this purpose i cannot use the max aggregation or average aggregation as i want to display graph based on its actual updown value nor of any max/average of all the transaction with time.

i hope you got my requirement.?

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