How can an unique value of field can be shown in Y-axis

I'm tracking down the response times of each API call.
I'm pushing the response time as a field into an ES index.
I need to create a visualization of each API with the date histogram on X-axis and processing time (not the sum or count) in Y-axis.
The goal is to get a graph of processing time over a period of time interval. But the problem is on Y-axis the aggregation shows the metrics like count or sum or average.
But I want unique value of the processing time to be shown on Y-axis.

Hi @bharath.krishn2 -

So to make sure I understand, you aren't wanting to see the average of the response times, rather, you want to see each document's response time value represented individually on the y-axis?

In general, visualizations are only going to give you an aggregated view of the data. If you use a date histogram with sufficiently small interval, then in many cases average response time could basically be representing a single document anyway. (Depending on how far apart the timestamps are for each entry). But there isn't a way to visualize each individual document.

One hack would be add a sub bucket terms aggregation on something unique, like the _id, which would then split each time interval up into a different series per-document. But this is not going to be performant on large data sets, and I suspect it isn't what you are looking for anyway.

Does this help answer your question?



Thanks for the reply@lukeelmers .

Yes, I don't want the aggregation of a field on the Y-axis. Instead I need the actual value of the field from the document to be charted on the Y-Axis.

I tried the hack which you mentioned, but it didn't work out. There are millions of documents on the index and I'm getting memory issue in elastic search.

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