Data table in Kibana

can I create data table in kibana as shown?


Depends on what your data looks like. Do you already documents in Elasticsearch?

Yes I do.
That's using metrivbeat.

Ah, in that case it should be easy. Here's an example:

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Thanks. that worked great!

Can you please guide me for the line graph for the same?

The line graph should show the Max % FS used against the time. and the chart should have lines graph for all the hosts.
So at the right side it should show list of hosts, and when I click on the hostname, it should highlight only the line-graph of particular host.

A tutorial or link to learn this graphs would be appreciated.


That should be pretty similar, you just need to add a Date Histogram aggregation to the x-axis in the "Buckets" section and change the metric aggregation from Average to Max.

There's some info about visualizations in the documentation. As for tutorials, I think there are some floating around the web if you search, though I don't have any to recommend off the top of my head.

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