Tables are not shown while printing to a pdf using phantomjs with kibana 4.5

I am using kibana 4.5 .I am using phantomjs to generate reports .phantom js version 2.1. When i run the app in development mode (npm start) , I see that all the contents(graphs and tables) are printed to pdf. But once i create a binary of the app(npm run build) and then try to print to pdf,I see that all the graphs gets printed but not the tables. This is the related html code:

<div  ng-style="{'height': type=='table' ? '100%' : '575px',width:'1150px' }" 
            class="ng-scope ng-isolate-scope" style="height: 100%; width: 1150px;">
    <div ng-style="{'overflow-y': printReport ? 'hidden' : 'auto',height: printReport ? '100%' : '1px' }" 
         style="overflow-y: hidden; height: 100%;">
      <!-- code to display tables or graphs goes here -->

Adding to this,

In the above code,When I define the height in 'px' (say 1000px) all content are printed (both in case of binary and development server).
In the above code, When i use percentage for height( used 100% in this case) tables are not printed in the report. The same code is being used when development server or binary is being run, But tables are not printed while binary is used.

Hi Ranjansaga,

I noticed that your work is based on Kibana 4.5. I wanted to let you know that we recently released a reporting feature in Kibana 4.6 for supporting PDF outputs. We have integrated it with Watcher, so it’s even possible to have scheduled reports. If you want to try it out, you can download from and experience the full capability with our 30 day trial license. If you’re interested, you can find more information on our subscriptions page and look for Reporting under X-Pack.