Tag cloud visualization issue


I have created a data table and metric visualization for a field 'qwe' and the top 5 qwe shows '1', '11' , '2' , '0' and '8'.

However, the tag cloud visualization unable to show qwe=‘0’ although the time range and the size is setting same as data table and metric.

Kindly advise on this.

Thank you.

Can you tell us which version of Kibana you are using? I can not replicate this issue on 7.1.1.

Hi @nickpeihl, version 6.5.1. Thanks!

Hi June. I do see that bug occurring in 6.5.1. So I checked the latest 6.5 release (6.5.4) and the bug appears to have been fixed. I recommend upgrading to 6.5.4 or later.

@nickpeihl, thank you!

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