Take/calculate value from dashboard

Hi guys...

Is it possible to calculate value directly from a dashboard?
The underlying logic of existing metrics kinda complex, so i think it would be more simple if I could take the output for other calculation.


example: (purchase-cashout)/purchase

ps: using version 6.8

Is it possible to calculate value directly from a dashboard?

The short answer is "no" -- you can't do this directly from a dashboard. However, you can achieve this using a TSVB visualization (which can then be embedded in a dashboard).

What you're looking to do is called a bucket script aggregation, which is not yet supported in our standard agg-based visualizations, but can be done using TSVB as shown here. Another more detailed example can be found in this thread:

Thanks for the feedback & link.

I've tried 'bucket script' & 'math' aggregation in visual builder, but sometimes it didn't shows data correctly in dashboard (0 result) when i know for sure data exist. But when I edit it, it shows correctly. Any clue to solve this?

What do you mean exactly by "when I edit it"? It works after editing the dashboard, or editing the TSVB visualization again?

sometimes during edit/save, other times when I move forward/backward with the time picker

i'm using visual builder:
value count --> cumulative sum --> bucket script

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