Tcp input data_timeout in logstash-5.0-beta1 removed

Hi guys,I saw the following info in tcp input:

config :data_timeout, :validate => :number, :default => -1, :deprecated => "This setting is not used by this plugin. It will be removed soon."

I wonder what the reason is to remove this.In my use case, nxlog( act as a tcp client)->lvs(act as a proxy,ha)->logstash(tcp input server),lvs has a timeout setting which will reset all the connections from nxlog after specific idle time,nxlog will reconnect if there are logs to upload and lvs will set up a new connection to logstash,but logstash still holds the previous connection with state ESTABLISHED,as a result,connections to logstash are accumulating.

I know how to fix this problem,such as setting an unlimited timeout in lvs or restart logstash periodically,but either option is good enough to us.

I think the better solution is using tcp input with a data_timeout option which will close connection after configured timeout.


I noticed this a while ago, it is a very useful feature to have as a failsafe for bad connections.

I have not found any reason for this to be removed so far, does anyone here know?