Temperature sensor data to send DAC signals using elastic

Hey I am working working in IOT factory in which we were able to send the digital values of temperature sensor to DAC converter by connecting and interfacing it with raspberry pi

But is it possible to fetch the digital values and send the data through cloud to DAC converter by placing the both the device far away and interface it with Pi Zero?

There are some pointed doubts I need to confirm:

  • I have Temeperature sensor which is sharing wireless data to raspberry pi , I wanted to communicate the raspberry pi to another raspberry pi using cloud protocol.
  • Send the digital readings of temprature sensor and define the data in such a way that it will represent the dual line graph on single dashboard so that we will be able to check the check analog signals reading which it get from the digital values uploaded on the cloud.
  • Critical detection status to be informed through VOIP to employees when the temprature does not able to read the data or if the data is higher than the resolution of the the sensor
  • Make the application process to check the dashbord status through smart phones.
  • Observe the reading by using operational dashboards

Please suggest the suitable documentation which help me to solve the mentioned above cases .

Exactly how is your problem related to Elasticsearch? Are you using Elasticsearch to store this data?

Yes I am trying to use Elasticsearch database but I am not aware of how can I send sensor readings from sensor to database?
Can You please suggest me something? Because I am beginner to elasticsearch

This depends on how you are collecting the data. Have you looked at Logstash?

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