Template mapping examples not clear for geoip

I have tried searching the web for answers but lately it seems that most search engines return completely unrelated results. Therefore I registered so I can ask real people for some help.

The instructions here: https://www.elastic.co/blog/logstash_lesson_elasticsearch_mapping

Are great up to the point where i have a .json file that is improperly formatted. Without an example of a complete mapping I can't seem to fit those code snippets in the proper order with correct syntax. In short, it's unclear to me how to copy/pasta those examples into a valid .json file.

Curl fails with :
"error": {
"reason": "request body is required",
"root_cause": [
"reason": "request body is required",
"type": "parse_exception"
"type": "parse_exception"
"status": 400

all I really want to do at this point is set the data type for the location or geopoint field which as I understand is a concatenation of lat/long.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate the help. Also, I apparently have a lot to learn about json format so any pointers there would be great too.


This thread might help.

Thank you Badger! That did in fact work to create the mapping to data type however, my field (geoip.coordinates) which is a concatenation of geoip.latitude and geoip.longitude is not .

I will keep stumbling through it. My IQ is just too low to be messing with this. I guess Burger King needs some janitors.

Thank you for your response Badger ;-D

Can you call your field just "geoip"? That field is mapped as a geo_point by the default mapping.

I changed it to the following:

  geoip {
     source => "clientip"
     target => "geoip"

add_field => [ "[geoip][coordinates]", "%{[geoip][latitude]}" ]
add_field => [ "[geoip][coordinates]", "%{[geoip][longitude]}" ]
add_tag => [ "apache-geoip" ]

I say the field is "geoip.coordinates" because that's how the two lat/long points "merged" into one field (named geoip.coordinates)

Can you tell anything from this filter rule in logstash/conf.d/12-apache_filter.conf ?

Maybe this is working now. I have a field named geoip.location and it's now being populated with coordinates like so:

"lon": -97.822,
"lat": 37.751

This may be what I've been looking for. Thank you for your help Badger!

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