Template - settings max_result_window (doesn't affect new index)

I've created a template
PUT /_template/logstash
"index_patterns" : ["logstash*"],
"settings": {
"max_result_window": 500000
"mappings": { ....}

but the max_result_window on new indexes is still 10,000. when I update the index mapping it works, but I need it to be automatic.

(im using ES 5.6.7)

does anyone have an idea?

May be another template?
Or your index name does not start with logstash?

this is the only template, the index created daily by the exact mapping so I'm pretty sure the template is applied. only this settings from some reason doesn't...

I run GET /_template/

"logstash": {
"order": 0,
"template": "[logstash-*]",
"settings": {
"index": {
"max_result_window": "500000"
"mappings": {... },
"aliases": {}

Can you reproduce from scratch with a new cluster?

still the same :frowning:

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