Templates Not Showing When Queried From Tribe Node

Hi there guys,

I have several elasticsearch clusters configured via a tribe node (7 clusters). When I query curl -XGET "http://$(hostname --ip-address):9200/_template" from the tribe node, I get an empty set {} for a result. However when I go onto the individual clusters that it is connected to and run the same query, I get a full set of templates for a result. I am certain however that it is connected to those clusters, because I can see them in the cluster health check when I run it on the tribe node.

I thought that a tribe node collected the cluster state from every cluster that it connects to, and combines those into a unified cluster state. Wouldn't all templates on all clusters be included as part of that unified cluster state??

Also, I know that in the case of identically named indices, a tribe node will select one based on the on_conflict: prefer_cluster setting. If you are querying other parts of the cluster state like templates, how does it respond if you have templates with the same name on different clusters??

Thank you!!!