Templates with timestamp aliases

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We have an existing ES system, and I would like to add a template that will give us timestamp based aliases upon index creation.

So, for example, I see from here that I can use an index macro for the index name in an alias, a la

   "template" : "cisco*",
   "aliases" : {
       "{index}-alias" : {}

which would supply an alias with "cisco-alias".

What I want to see is an "cisco-2016-12-12" alias, that gets generated upon creation.

Is there a way to do this? So an equivalent to something like
"aliases" : {
"{index}-{YYYY-MMM-dd}" : {}

Thank you.

(Jason) #2

Now that I've done some digging, I'm thinking this is a request that has not yet to be implemented (or at least fully pushed) as of yet.

Looks like this goes hand in hand with this guy

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