Term Filter by document

When I read the case for using a term filter from a field of a document, it
made perfect sense that it would be completely unwieldy to have to fetch
over the wire, then submit back over the wire what could potentially be
tens or hundreds of thousands of values. But when I read the solution that
can only point to the values stored within a single document it didn't make
sense to me how you could create or manage a document of that size to begin

Effectively, if you want to follow the tweets of your followers, all of
your followers need to be stored on the same user document. Eventually
your list of followers could grow quite big but to add or remove followers
you need to get and update the document with potentially hundreds of
thousands of followers over the wire anyway. Right? So I don't understand
the value.

Could someone explain it to me because I would really like to filter
documents that relate to a large set of changing values. It seems like
this filter could only be used against types that don't change frequently.



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