Term Filter Lookup

(Alwin Augustin) #1

I have two types called 'install' and 'events' in one index 'postbacks'. Now I need to select the event counts from events types for every day for the users who has entry in install for the particular day. Now what I am doing is, I am first fetching the ids from install for the day and using bool filter and specifying the date in must and using Ids in term . I will get around 2000 ids for a day and using it directly in should condition. So there will be 2000 terms there.

I just read about terms lookup filter. Can I use it here in this situation. I have seen in the example that we only can specify one id and path to it. But is there any possibility to use it like a subquery?

Please check the following link to see the code that I have done in PHP for this.

Thanks in advance.

(Adrien Grand) #2

You can't use a sub query, so you would have to keep running the first query on client side and then use the results to build the second query.

(Alwin Augustin) #3

Thanks Adrien :smile:

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