Term filter vs multiple indices


I have millions of metrics for ~1 hundred sources (the number of sources will raise in the future).
A query is always for a single source.
I'm already splitting the indices per day.

I'm trying to decide between multiple indices - one per source vs a single index with the source as a term in the document (in this case, all queries will use a term filter with the source id).

Is there a performance difference between the 2 above? during index? during query?

The cluster is write heavy- thousands of index requests (that translate to tens of bulk requests) per second.


If whatever the source all docs have same fields, I'd try with one single index.

If not, I'd try to avoid sparse fields and would split into separate indices.

Thank you @dadoonet.
All docs are of the same type and have the same fields so I guess the answer is single index.
Does this answer based on better maintainability, or there are performance considerations as well?

Sharing the same Lucene instances will consume less resources. That's why I'd probably mix that.

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