termQuery with field that contains dot

Hello guys,
from java client i run qery to elasticsearch 2.3.4
i use next QueryBuilder in my query:
QueryBuilder qb = boolQuery().must(rangeQuery("created_time").gte(period_begin).lte(period_end))
.must(termQuery("projectName", projectName))
.must(termQuery("critical_degree", critical_degree))
.must(termQuery("server", server));

in field server come value like : server.some.some
in ELK stored in this field this value: server.some.some

Then, when i execute. Query not return qany data.

In my ELK i have templatge for this index, like:
"properties" : { "server" : { "index" : "not_analyzed", "store" : "yes", "type" : "string" }

when i delete condition in QueryBuilder .must(termQuery("server", server));
data returned from DB.

Help me please. What does wrong?

Can you make sure the mapping is what you think it is for this field?

With a GET /index/type/_mapping

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