Terms daily percentage in Data Table visualization

Hi there!

I'm struggling to achieve the following result.

Let's say I have a field "Result" that can be equal to A, B or C.
Everyday I obviously have numerous hits, each with its own Result.

Now, is there a way (possibly using Data Table) to compute the percentage of a certain occurrence of a field Result per day?

To put it simple, right now I can manage to have something like:

2019-03-11 A 27
2019-03-11 B 33
2019-03-11 C 12
2019-03-10 A 39
2019-03-10 B 21
2019-03-10 C 20

But what I'd like to have is something like:

2019-03-11 A 37,5
2019-03-10 A 48,75

With the percentages computed as (27/(27+33+12))*100 and (39/(39+21+20))*100

Is there a way to accomplish such a task?

Thank you!

Hi, percentage in data table isn't currently possible. There is an open enhancement issue for it. You can check the issue for a possible alternative.

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