Terms Enum Api text support

Currently terms API does not support text fieldType.
I've tried creating custom field extension combining code from Keyword and Text types,
basically creating exact copy of text type with getTerms(...) method implemented (this method is present in keyword type, but is not in the text) and it works, I was able to receive Lucene's terms enum value for that field.

Summing up, supporting this terms enum API seems to me as simple as adding single method to text field type, for what reason was it not implemented?
Why text fieldType is not supported?

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Apologies for the delay in responding - only just seen this.
The rationale for not showing results from text fields is that they are less likely to be human-readable. Analyzers can do things like stemming that turn valid words into oddly shortened forms that are useful for indexing but are hard for people to understand. Also, there’s a risk that the suggested values from the index are likely to be fed through the stemming algorithms a second time when the query strings are parsed and the effects of double-stemming a term are indeterminate.
That’s why we stuck with the structured fields for now.