Terms lookup based on ids matching query


I'm looking for something similar to the terms lookup filter but slightly different. Let's assume that I have two indexes. One is an index of tweets with the user ID as a field. The other is a list of user profiles with user specific info (let's say hypothetically gender is one of the fields).

Currently, the terms lookup filter is able to take an array within a single document in the users index and match to the tweet index. So if I have a list of followers of a specific user as an array, I can retrieve all the tweets matching any of the followers.

What I'm looking for is actually whether I can make a query on the users index, find all user IDs that match that query, and then retrieve all tweets matching any of the users in the original query. So assume I want to retrieve all tweets from gender:male. Can I make a match query for gender:male in the users index, get all the user IDs, and then find all tweets from those user IDs using a terms filter for those IDs all within a single step?

I know I can do this with a parent/child relationship format, but is there a way to do this without indexing in that way that is akin to the terms lookup filter?

no, cause that would be a distributed join

there is an commercial plugin siren vanguard though

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