Terms queries with lots of terms

Hi all,

I use the following request to perform a terms query with many terms:
"query" : {
"terms" : {
"users" : {
"index" : "termset",
"type" : "termset",
"id" : "TERMSET1",
"path" : "terms"

As my TERMSET1 is very big, I hit the maxbooleanclauses exception.
I tried to switch to "filter context", but then I get the exception "org.elasticsearch.index.query.QueryParsingException: request does not support [filter]".

Is the only way to perform a query using a big term set is to increase the maxbooleanclauses limit?

Thank you,

Working with ES 2.2.0, I got round this problem with >50,000 IDs or terms by wrapping my query in a ConstantScoreQuery ie.
"constant_score" : {
"filter" : {
"ids" : {...)

This stopped the maxbooleanclauses problem BUT I now see very poor performance when retrieving the whole set using scrolling, but haven't yet found a solution.