Terms Query - Return matched term with hit?

(Josh Brower) #1

I am using the Terms query with a document lookup to load the Terms.

Is there a way to return the specific term that was found with each hit? Right now, all I get back is a list of hits, but I don't know which terms were found in which hit.


(Antonio) #2

From a practical point of view, a lookup is just like a normal Terms query, so, I'm not sure, but I don't think there's a way to get that information in the response.

You'd have to do that check manually, comparing the result with your original terms list.

(Josh Brower) #3

Tried some other things...

Using the highlight function, I can get a result back that tags the found term.... Then I just strip out the highlight tags and I am good to go.. A little hacky, but it will work for the project.


(system) #4

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