Terraform - Elasticstack provider features and roadmap

We are managing our assets using the terraform elastickstack provider for multiple stacks deployed on elastic cloud:
Releases · elastic/terraform-provider-elasticstack · GitHub.

We are expecting many new features to be available on 0.4.0 (TBR) or future releases: Kibana ressources, role mapping.
I also have opened a feature request for script/search template support [Feature] Support for search templates / stored scripts · Issue #107 · elastic/terraform-provider-elasticstack · GitHub

However, since march 2022, the activity seems to have totally dropped on this project and no new version have been released. Code frequency · elastic/terraform-provider-elasticstack (github.com)

Are there some insights about what feature to expect in the upcoming months ?

@Omer_Kushmaro Do you have some answer to this ? Or can you ask Oleksandr if you know how to contact him ?

Any news about it ?

Closing since I got an answer on GitHub: [Feature] roadmap for futur releases ? · Issue #134 · elastic/terraform-provider-elasticstack (github.com)

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