Text field to convert as date and perform math Operation

Hi All,

I need to convert a text field to date data type and perform a math operation on it

something like this

Process ID Process Name Start Time End Time Difference
1 Process1 2021-01-12T13:16:20.19Z 2021-01-12T13:16:25.16Z Start Time-End Time
2 Process2 2021-01-12T13:20:20.19Z 2021-01-12T13:21:20.15Z Start Time-End Time
3 Process3 2021-01-12T13:21:25.19Z 2021-01-12T13:21:40.16Z Start Time-End Time
4 Process4 2021-01-12T13:21:20.15Z 2021-01-12T13:21:35.15Z Start Time-End Time

Here the problem is StartTime and End time are Text data type

Please help me

You need to use a painless script to do this, which can be done using Kibana or using an Elasticsearch ingest pipeline. There are many examples of doing this on the painless docs for date manipulation: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/painless/master/painless-datetime.html

Thank you for your response

There are errors after creating painless Scripted field

PFB image, I used to convert text to date

but it didn't work, please help what should I give in script

and input is displaying as numbers but my input data is (2021-01-12T13:16:20.198Z) in text format

What you're showing doesn't look right. The previous link that I sent gives you instructions on how to convert from the string representation of a date to number, by parsing the date. Dates are numeric in Elasticsearch, so you need to do this parsing.

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