Text match scoring on multiple indexes

Hi all,

I had a doubt regarding the score when we fire a multi-index query. Does the scoring happen by default happen on per index tf-idf statistics or global tf-idf statistics?

For example:
GET test_1,test_2/_search?pretty=1&search_type=dfs_query_then_fetch { "_source": ["cleaned_name"], "query": { "multi_match": { "query": "dog is cute", "fields": [ "cleaned_name", "cleaned_description" ] } } }
The results will consist documents from either indexes, but in test_1 dog might be frequent and less important and test_2 dog might not be frequent(tf-idf). This can lead to multiple problems in my use case,

Is there a way i can use global tf-idf statistics for score calculation while i am performing multi-index text match queries?

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