Thanks to everyone, but another question


Hello, good day to everyone. reading documentation and doing tests I could get to do a mini aggregate but I would like to see if anyone can give me a hand with the following.
This is my little script of which I have some doubts.

GET webservicesnet8 * / _ search
  "size": 0,
  "aggs": {
    "uriStem": {
      "terms": {"field": "uriStem.keyword"},
      "aggs": {
    "timetaken": {"avg": {"field": "timetaken"}

First of all the doubt that I have is how I could do so that the result conditioned to a period of dates.
Second, since I need to graph it I would also like the result to be able to see the date regardless of hour minute seconds since the aggregate will be daily.
Third do I have a way of making the result put in an index and mark them as a field?

I hope you can help me again.

Thank you so much.


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You need to add a query object on the same level as aggs that defines which documents you want to match.

Sorry I don't get the question.

Not automatically. You can do this kind of things, but manually from the client-side.

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