The CPU is not scaling with high search load in Elasticsearch7.3.0

We have numa enabled server with 2 sockets, each socket with 28 cores and its one node cluster with 10 indies , 5 shards each.

Under the same workload(with high search operation load):
Scenario 1
when we run ES7.3.0 on both the sockets , we can see CPU utilization is 30% , search throughput is 1700 ops/sec and when we increased the search load, the CPU utilization is not going beyond 30%. and throughput is also not going beyond 1700 ops/sec.

Is there any Elasticsearch specific settings which is restricting to use all available CPU's on high search load?

Scenario 2:
When we bind ES7.3.0 to one socket we can see all the CPU's were utilized around 90 to 95%.
and the ops/sec is 2550 ops/sec which is more then 1700 ops/sec.

Please let me know, in case of 2 sockets why the CPU is not scaling even with high search load.

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