The Definitive Guide for Elasticsearch Version 2.0

Is there a plan or working in progress to update the Definitive Guide to version 2.0.
Somewhere on Github?

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Anyone from Elastic?

Hi Mos,

we are working on updating the definitive guide to 2.0. You can find the current version at Github:

Currently, there is also an issue on Github that's asking basically the same question:

As Zach has mentioned in the ticket, we are already on it but I do not know about any roadmap or dates yet.


Thanks for the insides!

So there is currently no branch on GitHub, where we can track and contribute to the DG 2.0 changes?

Hi Mos,

sorry, currently there is no 2.0 branch but I think you can expect something towards that direction soon.


+1 on eagerly awaiting updates. I want my team to start using 2.0 from day one. We are relative newbie to Elastic and the lack of documentation is a bit tough to deal with. For example we are stuck early in the getting started section itself, after installing Elastic 2.0.

SUNDARA2-M-C1P6:~/dev/es2.0/elasticsearch-2.0.0>./bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest
ERROR: unknown command [-i]. Use [-h] option to list available commands

And so tried -h and realized in 2.0 it is "install". Next:
SUNDARA2-M-C1P6:~/dev/es2.0/elasticsearch-2.0.0>./bin/plugin install elasticsearch/marvel/latest
-> Installing elasticsearch/marvel/latest...
Plugins directory [/Users/sundara2/dev/es2.0/elasticsearch-2.0.0/plugins] does not exist. Creating...
Trying ...
Trying ...
Trying ...
Trying ...
Trying ...
ERROR: failed to download out of all possible locations..., use --verbose to get detailed information

The definitive guide is entirely incorrect w.r.t. getting Marvel/Sense installed nowadays.

Sense used to be embedded in Marvel, which itself was a direct elasticsearch plugin. Now, both Marvel and Sense are Kibana applications. Fortunately, this means you don't have to install Marvel/Sense directly inside your elasticsearch cluster, which was sort of putting all your eggs in one basket.

In 2.0+, to get Sense up and running, you'll need to download/install Kibana and once you have Kibana installed, install Sense. You can do all of this on your local machine, even if you don't have elasticsearch running on your local machine (though if you don't have elasticsearch installed locally, you'll want to disable discovery)

Sense was so much better when it was simply a Chrome plugin! :slight_smile:



What is the timeline for the new document?
When update will be available?

When it will be printed by any Publisher or available as PDF?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Best regards,