The limit of Data stream

I had to choose between data stream and index strategy with alias and found es doc which helps to determine whether use data stream or not

If you frequently update or delete existing time series data, use an index alias with a write index instead of a data stream. 

I rarely update or delete my old data (which once has indexed) so according to the doc, I should use data stream But I’m still worried about its limits

I cannot clone, delete, shrink and split writing index when using data stream I have never used es cluster on production level so I'm not sure if there is a situation where I have to do the index operation like these on writing index

what if I have to do cloning or something I cannot do when using data stream? is there any alternative strategy for this situation? or these operation rarely happens on production so I don't have to think about it?

At the end of the day, a data stream index is still an Elasticsearch index, so you can run actions on them.

However, you wouldn't want to do any of these (other than maybe delete) on the write index anyway. So it's not clear what your concern is.

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