The meaning of Kibana

just curious, what is the meaning of the name 'Kibana' ???


Rashid Khan, the creator of Kibana, wanted to make a product that could visualize log data. So he thought, it would be cool to name it based on a translation into a foreign language. He chose to translate "wood hut" into Swahili, because he served in the Peace Corps in Africa before working in technology (and because logs aren't really used to build huts in Kenya). He used Google Translate for it, and at the time Google Translate showed "Kibana" as the translation.

It doesn't show that translation anymore though: now it translates roughly to "Kibanda". "Kibana" seems that it actually means "Baby" in Swahili.

Another fun fact: port 5601 was chosen because it is l33t speak for "logs" spelled backwards.


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