The new variable in the filter ruby event must be set() before it can be used?

   ruby {
     code => "
       pubtime_new = event.get('[pubtime]').to_i * 1000
       event.set('pubtime_new',pubtime_new)             >>>> If I don't register pubtime_new then below can't get the value of pubtime_new.
       timeset = event.get('[timestamp_us]').to_i - event.get('[pubtime_new]').to_i
       event.set('delay_time_us', event.get('[pubtime]').to_i - event.get('[device_timestamp]').to_i)
       event.set('pub_subtime_us', timeset + event.get('[transaction_duration_us]').to_i )

Maybe I don't understand it correctly, and I don't know much about ruby, I just want to ask if there are other ways to directly refer to the new variable.

You can do

   pubtime_new = event.get('[pubtime]').to_i * 1000
   timeset = event.get('[timestamp_us]').to_i - pubtime_new

and reference the ruby variable, just as you do with timeset.

I wrote it like this at the beginning, but the value of pub_subtime_us is wrong.
timeset = event.get('[timestamp_us]').to_i - pubtime_new

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