"The quota has been exceeded error" when accessing a dashboard

I am receiving the following error when trying to access one of my regularly used dashboards.

"The quota has been exceeded"

This is a new one for me. I am not finding anything specific on a web search.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you please share a screenshot of the error? Is there anything else in the logs?

We've been getting this error too after upgrading our clusters to 7.10.0 when:

  • Trying to save or load visualizations
  • Trying to create a new canvas workpad
  • Loading dashboards

No network errors. Just a browser console error.

Clearing Local Storage in the browser fixes it temporarily.

Is this worth raising with support?

If you have access to our Support team, yep :slight_smile:

Otherwise please do share more information here!

Thank you, Mark.

I have raised a support request through the cloud portal with a link to this discussion. Since the form does not have an option for adding attachments, I'll share them here.

We experienced this issue again today. Below are screenshots of the errors I could find and my Local Storage before clearing it again to resolve the problem.


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