The result of "metricbeat test modules sql" has timeout failure when the query does not have any output

Hi All,
First of all, I appreciate your attention in advance.
Since, I am new in using ELK Stack, I have one question. I have one simple query in my sql.yml file which returns no records (The sql module is enabled).
// for example
//select Col1, Col2 from table where 1=2

The above statement clearly will not return anything, but just suppose my query in some cases may return one record, and in some cases does not have any output.

Everything works well, when we have at least one record. but the "metricbeat test modules sql" command fails when we don't have any output, and the columns cannot be found in discover part, so we cannot put them into a dashboard.

Any comment is appreciated.

Many Thanks

I mean, do we have a parameter or something to make the query without output acceptable for "metricbeat test modules sql " command ?

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