The soft link of the ElasticSearch data directory is faulty

I want to move the Elasticsearch data file to another directory,
Here is my command to operate
cp -ar aa/node/0/indices/indices_name bb/indices_name
rm -rm aa/node/0/indices/indices_name
ln -s bb/indices_name aa/node/0/indices
I migrated the data to the bb directory and soft chained the directory back to the data directory of Elasticsearch.
After the Elasticsearch index is enabled, the directory corresponding to the soft link cannot be identified properly.

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What do you mean by this?

I restarted Elasticsearch, the data directory was not mounted. After Elasticsearch was started, I mounted the directory, but Elasticsearch could not correctly identify the data directory. Index status is red

That won't work. It needs to be mounted before you start Elasticsearch.

In this case, besides restarting, is there any other way to restore the problematic index?

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