The state of the new Java Client (ES 8)

Hi there,

I just want to hear back from ES maintainers on the current state of the new Elasticsearch Java Client.

We did quite some effort migrating our app from ES 6.8 to 8.x in terms of switching to this new client, and in general the migration went well.
We found that searching APIs are covered fully (as per our usage) but there are still some properties missing when we use aggregations.

I have created a PR (2175) and raised an issue for ES client, but there is no reaction since summer.

Hence, I am thinking if the project is alive in general, when to expect the changes to be at least commented, and if it actually makes sense to stick back to high level rest client for the time being.

Hi Vitalii,

We hear you. The Clients Library team has undergone a reorg over the last few months and had some additional work that unfortunately did not allow us to give the Java client the attention it deserves.

The good news is that as part of this reorg, we will have a new full-time maintainer for the Java client starting next month. In the meantime, I'll handle your issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Sylvain,

Thank you for your reply, this sheds some light on your work. Please let me know if I have to update the PR or add something missing.

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